Connan Mockasin is the other Ariel Pink. A musical beta luminary from the Southern Hemisphere by way of New Zealand (although now he lives near London), he borrows vintage tones and improvises with uncanny instrumentation. His first album Forever Dolphin Love was pure pop bliss. His follow up LP is just as silky and is appropriately titled, Caramel. Listen to a new single from the album, below:

He recently performed at the Mexican Summer Five Year Anniversary at Pioneer Works in Red Hook Brooklyn, and has been on tour with Charlotte Gainsbourg. Somehow words fall short of describing the soulful and heady swiftness of Connan Mockasin so we asked the man a few questions.

Can you describe your early work and introduce how the concept for Connan Mockasin as a musical project came about?
Connan Mockasin as a musical project came about when my Mum told me i should make a record on my own which eventually became ‘Forever Dolphin Love’.

How has the project evolved over the years?
I never intended on that record being released but it did and I found myself putting together different live bands for a while until I settled on one I was very happy with.

Walk us through your song-writing process.
I hear music in my head and then try to put it on to record as I hear it while I’m making a record.

Tell us about how your latest album Caramel came about.
I felt like making a new record and I wanted it to sound like a record that was called Caramel which I thought might sound slick, flirty and smooth. So i went to Tokyo and set up a recording studio in a hotel room for a month.

Is Caramel a collection of love songs?
No not quite. Maybe just before love.

Who has helped you in shaping your aesthetic?

What’s next for Connan Mockasin?
Sam Dust and I are releasing a record next year called Soft Hair.


by Colin Ilgen



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